What I'm up to right now

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Here's what I'm working on:

  • Building Creator Science into a pillar of the creator economy. I've been building this company (in some form) since 2017 and saw massive growth in 2023. My wife joined the business in 2024 and it's been a joy to work together.
  • Investing in creator economy companies I love through the Creator Science Syndicate.
  • Preparing for the birth of our daughter. We are expecting our first child in the summer of 2024 and are extremely excited!
  • Starting 1,000 conversations in 2024, inspired by Jesse Itzler.
  • Focusing on my health and fitness. After peaking around 205 lbs. in November 2023, I'm down to 188 in mid-January, 2024. I've invested nearly $10,000 in my garage gym with zero regrets.
  • Writing here whenever my hands are on fire.

Last updated January 2024

Inspired by Derek Sivers and The /Now Movement

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